Multicultural Events | Latin American Performances
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Latin American Performances

Cumbia & Mapale dance (7 children)


Colombian folkloric dance (6-8 Adult)


Arauco Libre Band

1204759919_Arauco Libre Band 1_240x180

Capoeira from Brazil

1204777646_Capoeira from Brazil_240x180

Brazilian Dance & Band

1204777057_Brazilian Dance & Band 1_240x180

Bossa Music from Brazil

1204776097_Bossa Music from Brazil 1_800x600

Sauzal Folkloric Dance Group

1204769704_Sauzal Folkloric Dance Group 3_800x600

Music of Andean region - (Peru, Bolivia, Chile) of South America


Candela Latin Dance

1204460750_Candela_Latin_Dance 1_240x180

Hitian traditional dance

1204527188_Hitian traditional dance_240x180

Fuego Latin Band


Jamaican Dance group

1204528095_Jamaican dance1_240x180

Mariachi singing and dance


Grenada traditional dance

1204526818_Grenada traditional dance_240x180

Dominican traditional Performance

1204587473_Dominican traditional Performance2_800x600

SondelSur Band

1204699481_SondelSur Band_240x180

Traditional Cuban Dance

1204523335_Cuba traditional dance1_240x180

Blues Band

1204776848_Blues Band_240x180

Walisuma - music of the Andes


Bahamian Folk Dance

1204761763_Bahamian Folk Dance1_240x180

Buena Vista TM International Cuban Dance

Buena Vista TM International Cuban Dance

Eric turro martinez and Wendy alvarez

Alma de Tango


Hugo Fernández Maria Fjellheim & The Queensland Orchestra